Pungo woman feeds Hurricane Matthew victims and volunteers

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Pungo woman caters food to volunteers
Judy Pace, who lives in Pungo, has been feeding volunteers and residents in Windsor Woods since Friday. (Photo by Justin Belichis/Southside Daily)

Judy Pace is on a mission.

Couches, washing machines, photo albums and mattresses litter the streets of the Virginia Beach neighborhood Windsor Woods. The need for volunteers to help clean up from Hurricane Matthew is clear. But who is going to feed them?

That’s where Pace comes in, serving hot lunches in the neighborhood. She walks around the loud, cluttered street ringing a bell, calling workers and residents for a meal. Wednesday’s menu featured hot dogs and hashbrown casserole.

Furniture litters Virginia Beach streets
Furniture littered a Windsor Woods street Wednesday, while crews worked to muck and gut flood-damaged homes. (Photo by Justin Belichis/SouthsideDaily)

“We heard about how bad it was and my husband and myself came out Friday evening,” said Pace. “Every day I come out and set up tables at about three different streets … for some of them, it’s the only hot meal they get all day.”

Pace, who lives in Pungo, said she also reaches out to people who own restaurants to donate food for volunteers. Charity United Methodist Church Preschool offered chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday. Pungo Catering will provide North Carolina barbecue, coleslaw and baked beans for lunch Thursday.

Fire Academy recruits volunteer
Volunteers in Windsor Woods Wednesday included Virginia Beach Fire Training Academy recruits. (Photo by Justin Belichis/Southside Daily)

Pace estimates her efforts have fed hundreds of people in the community. One of her accomplishments includes coaxing the elderly out of their damaged homes. The first day they didn’t want to come out and eat. The second day, they came to the door.

“Now, I have them actually walking out in the fresh air,” said Pace. “Some of their homes still have water in the carpets.”