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Millennials in Hampton Roads care about public transit. (Judah Taylor/Southside Daily)
A survey released Friday found that working millennials in Hampton Roads care about public transit. The poll comes almost two weeks before Virginia Beach residents will vote on a nonbinding referendum about extending the Tide light rail, seen here at Newtown Road Station on Friday, Oct. 2, 2015, to the city’s Town Center. (Judah Taylor/Southside Daily)

Millennial professionals in Hampton Roads have weighed in on what they care about, and the results are clear: public transportation, traffic and schools.

A coveted and yet elusive demographic this campaign season, at least at public forums for Virginia Beach city-council candidates, working millennials participated in a poll this month for tHRive, a young professionals’ offshoot of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, according to a release. tHRive’s 1,300 members live and work in Hampton Roads. The eight-question survey, circulated by email and social media, asked about their vision for the region’s future.

At the top of the quality-of-life wish list are better public transportation and roads. Almost 60 percent of respondents said improved public transit among the communities of Hampton Roads is critical to the region’s development. And 42 percent said better roads and tunnels were key to economic progress.

Rounding out their top concerns is education. Forty percent of respondents said better schools were central to the region’s economic progress. Notably, only 11 percent believe the region will be educationally competitive by 2040.

What millennial professionals don’t value is a centralized airport; only 14 percent identified that as a need for Hampton Roads.

Finally, they are mainly an optimistic bunch.

Ninety-four percent said they thought the military would remain important to the region’s future economy.

And 58 percent said they saw a professional sports team on the horizon for Hampton Roads.