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More red light cameras are coming to Virginia Beach (Photo courtesy of Flickr)
More red light cameras are coming to Virginia Beach. (Photo courtesy of Flickr)

The Virginia Beach Police Department’s red-light enforcement program, PHOTOsafe, activated new traffic cameras Monday pointed southbound and eastbound at the Virginia Beach Boulevard and Independence Boulevard intersection.

Red light violators in view of the cameras at the intersection will initially be issued warnings, until the grace period ends Dec. 20. Violations after that will result in a ticket and a $50 fine, according to a news release. The grace period only applies to this intersection, drivers who run red lights and are caught on camera elsewhere will be immediately issued a fine.

There are more on the way, too. Cameras are slated to be active at the following intersections before the end of the year, according to the news release.

  • Lynnhaven Parkway and South Rosemont Road
  • Northampton Boulevard and Diamond Springs Road
  • General Booth Boulevard and Dam Neck Road
  • Virginia Beach Boulevard and Great Neck Road
  • Baxter Road and Independence Boulevard
  • Princess Anne Road and Dam Neck Road
  • Military Highway and Indian River Road

A partnership between the city and Arizona-based company American Traffic Solutions began this year to maintain, operate and install new cameras with clear photo and video capabilities at 11 intersections in Virginia Beach, according to the release.

A 2015 city study showed a 12 percent decrease in accidents because of the addition of red light cameras, according to the news release.

For more information about the PHOTOsafe program, call 757-385-4673 or email