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Brynn Davis and Nathan Pecher are to be married Nov. 4, 2017 at The Historic Post Office, Hampton, Va.

Brynn, 25, graduated from Old Dominion University and received a master’s degree December 2016.

Nathan, 28, is employed with Gary Pecher CPA LLC. He currently attends Tidewater Community College.

“Honestly, realizing that I wanted to marry her was kind of easy. The real dilemma was how was I going to do it. I wanted it to be special,” said Nathan. He wanted his proposal to Brynn to be a memorable moment with a unique flair. He thought of about five or six different ideas, and they all seemed mediocre.

It wasn’t until he had a conversation with a buddy of his about camping that the light bulb clicked on. It was the perfect idea. “I would propose to Brynn on my family’s annual camping trip,” said Nathan. When Brynn was younger, her family used to go camping at Kerr Lake located in Southern Virginia. Even more interesting, Nathan’s family used to go camping at the same exact campground. What are the odds? What else could be more perfect?