Local travel agents are ‘back in the picture’ and seeing more business

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Name your own price for that hotel stay. Be sure to compare all those rental car quotes. Then scour the internet for hours looking for reviews, advice and the best travel package deal imaginable.

Does this sound familiar? For the last two decades, this is how many American consumers planned their trips to Europe, the Caribbean and beyond.

It always felt like you needed a vacation — after planning your vacation.

While online travel booking websites such as Priceline.com, TripAdvisor, Expedia, CruiseCritic, Travelocity and many others continue to flourish, there is a growing sense that consumers are getting inundated with too much information and they are starting to look elsewhere for their travel needs.


Instead of falling down that travel wormhole on the internet, residents in Hampton Roads are starting to look for a local solution. And it starts by getting re-acquainted with an actual human being when it comes to planning and executing their travel dreams.

“I do feel that travel agents are back in the picture,” said Marta Corbitt, a Virginia Beach native, who opened her own company, Concierge Travel, two years ago and serves clients from all over the country.

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