While seated in Virginia Beach, Ryan wrote this headline

  • Photo galleries are so much easier now!

  • If current trends continue, the number of reported fatal opioid overdoses in Virginia reported in 2016 will be 77 percent higher than figures from just five years ago. (Fotolia)

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Ancient holy wars
Dead religions, holocausts
New regimes, old ideals
That’s now myth, that’s now real
Original sin, genetic fate
Revolutions, spinning plates
It’s important to stay informed
The commentary to comment on

Oh, and no one ever really knows you and life is brief
So I’ve heard, but what’s that gotta do with this black hole in me?

Age-old gender roles
Infotainment, capital
Golden boughs and mercury
Bohemian nightmare,
Dust bowl chic
This documentary’s lost on me
Satirical news, free energy
Mobile lifestyle, loveless sex
Independence, happiness