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You can do without the paper; you can’t do without the news.™

Southside Daily is owned and operated by Local Voice. Click on the video below to learn more about our company.

Southside Daily (www.home.southsidedaily.com) is the only daily newspaper dedicated to Virginia Beach. A lot happens here every day. We want to report that news and ask for your participation.

Our goal is to report “why” things happen rather than just what; to avoid sensational and polarizing news and opinion; and to start a community conversation on all kinds of topics important to quality folks who live, work and play here. Our  mission is to restore trust to local news with our journalistic promise of providing only True News.  This means no editorials. No columnists. No letters to the editor. No anonymous sources. No endorsement of political candidate.  We spell peoples’ names correctly and we quote them in context. You can trust our news to give you the most accurate information, and decide for yourself how you feel about the issues.

You can hear summaries of our news of the day weekday mornings and afternoons on 102.1FM The Tide.  Our goal is to be accessible and important to you. We want to do everything we can to make www.home.southsidedaily.com your home page, and we want to hear from you about how we can make that happen.

We enjoy sharing your community with you – and thanks for every time you drop in to read the latest.


Thomas G. Davis – President, CEO – Local Voice Media  (tom@localvoicemedia.com)
Jamie Paige – Vice President, Digital Strategy -Local Voice Media (jamie.p@localvoicemedia.com)

Learn more about our team:

Derek Mason – Vice President, Market Manager (derek@tideradio.com)


Derek Mason is a founding member of Local Voice Media, who joined the Company in 2005 as General Sales Manager and now serves as Vice President and Market Manager for the Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, Va Markets.   Derek lives in Virginia Beach with his wife Courtenay and their two sons, Brady and Noah.



Adrienne Mayfield – Assistant Digital Editor (adrienne.m@home.southsidedaily.com)

Adrienne Mayfield is an award-winning, multi-media journalist hailing from Clermont, Fla. She moved to Lynchburg, Va. on a whim when she was 19, and worked her way to Hampton Roads in 2013.

Adrienne is passionate about telling people stories via covering public safety and the judicial system. She isn’t afraid to take a heads-on approach to covering crime, including knocking on doors to get the details police aren’t sharing.

Adrienne is a 2014 Old Dominion University graduate who still lives within walking distance of the college. You may see her cruising around Downtown Norfolk on her bike, enjoying a sandwich from Grilled Cheese Bistro or playing fetch with her dog, Greta, at the Colonial Place dog park.